ABOUT ME I create beautiful graphic designs + effective web designs for small businesses.

The Designer - Emily Genevish

Hello my name is Emily. I am a graphic designer, web designer, an entrepreneur, and a Marine Corps Wife. I founded my design agency upon graduating at the top of my class with a BFA in Digital Design in 2006. Originally from Tampa, Florida, I have been building my business from scratch, across the world.

With my company's humble beginnings in Long Island, New York, it has since traveled to around the U.S., and overseas(!) following the path of my husband who serves in the U.S. Marine Corps. I have built an extensive portfolio of work and serve clientele worldwide. My clients are mostly small business owners, who need a brand for their new business or a new website (or both!). I am always there for them, whether through a phone call or updates to their website, even after the branding and website are done, to help support them.

I offer WordPress services, graphic design, and logo design to my current local community (currently, Jacksonville NC) as well as to clients around the world to make professional design affordable. Contact me today so I can help your business succeed online!

For more information about my skills and credentials, please visit my resume website at www.emilygenevish.com.