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WP101 Tutorial Plugin

Emily Genevish

I am a graphic designer, an entrepreneur, and a Marine Corps Wife. I founded my design studio upon graduating at the top of my class with a BFA in Digital Design in 2006. Originally from Tampa, Florida, I have been building my business from scratch, across three states. I have built an extensive portfolio of work and serve clientele worldwide. With my company's humble beginnings in Long Island, New York it has since traveled to around the U.S., following the path of my husband who serves in the U.S. Marine Corps. I offer services in my current local community as well as clients around the world to make professional design affordable!

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WP101 Tutorial Plugin

The WP101 Tutorial Plugin delivers a complete set of professionally-produced “WordPress 101” tutorial videos directly within the dashboard

WP101 Tutorial Plugin

The 17-part WordPress 101 video tutorial series covers:

    1. The Dashboard
    2. Creating a New Post
    3. Edit an Existing Post
    4. Using Categories and Tags
    5. Creating and Edit Pages
    6. Adding Photos and Images
    7. How to Embed Video
    8. Using the Media Library
    9. Managing Comments
    10. How to Create Links
    11. Changing the Theme, Header, and Background
    12. Adding Widget
    13. Using Custom Menu
    14. Installing Plugin
    15. Adding New User
    16. Useful Tool
    17. Settings & Configuration

I am currently installing this on my most recent clients wordpress sites. If you are interested in me installing it on your site, please let me know! This is in testing phase and if I receive good feedback from my clients I will continue to offer it to all of my clients for a nominal fee. Find out more at


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